Natalie Cole

My heart is very heavy upon learning that Natalie Cole has passed away. We all about what an incredible vocalist she is. Her music defined a generation and almost everybody could connect with her. I felt a connection for a different reason. Although we are on different roads professionally, we grew up daughters of men with a very powerful and specific legacy. Our Fathers were masters in their field. Music legends. My Father idolized her Father and throughout his whole career, carried with him the lessons he learned from Nat  both musically and personally. Throughout my entire childhood, Dad would always play Nat's albums for me and explain why what he was doing was beyond brilliant.


Natalie was always kind, generous, and welcoming to me. I appreciate and cherish every piece of advice she ever gave me. I can assure you that she will never truly know how her guidance and all the kind words she shared with me helped me to start to find my way in this world. She assured me that even when I feel pressure, that the only person I need to answer to is myself. I will always be Oscar Peterson's daughter, and Natalie Cole will always be the daughter of the great Nat King Cole. But she formed her own destiny and followed her own path. I am working to do the same.


Natalie, we will all miss you. Thank you for all that you have given us. I hope that you have now found peace. Sing on!