Céline started her Social Media Management and Consulting label, Social Legacy, in early 2015. “My goal with Social Media has always been to expand an artist’s online presence organically. In a world where mainstream artists have tens of millions of followers, I find it necessary to ensure that the fans who follow the artists I work with are genuinely invested in what they are doing. This will create a solid community of fans, which will increase the popularity and overall numbers of the artist’s various pages. This also will help to eliminate spam and allows the client to be more interactive and personal on their pages should they choose to do so."

On her time in the industry: "I was working in the world of Social Media before it was something that could be considered a career or even a job. Because of this, I have a distinct advantage over those who have just picked up Social Media duties as part of their jobs. My knowledge of this field grew stronger as I expanded my client list and the various platforms where I was promoting artists."

Consulting: "As well as full time Social Media Management, I also offer consultation services to those who are less familiar with what goes into managing your online presence, but do not wish to have someone acting on their behalf. Having worked both in group and one-on-one settings, I find that being able to provide people with the tools they need to grow their online community, will often improve the state of their day-to-day business operations. For artists, it is often beneficial to have someone acting on your behalf in terms of Facebook/Twitter etc, but there are many ways that the personal aspect of one-on-one artist interaction can still be quite strong and the artist's presence felt."

Management: "Full time Social Media management is what I started out doing, and what I enjoy doing most today in terms of this field. I enjoy growing an artist's presence online in this way and building a community of loyal and enthusiastic fans, who will carry on conversations on a regular basis. The bonus in all of this is that I can take this work that has shown to be a full time job, off of an artist's plate so that they can spend their time focusing on their music and enjoying what off time they do have. I have had great success with those whom I have worked with and am always interested in expanding my horizons and working with different people. My strategies and techniques for building engaging online communities have proven very successful in the past, and I have been quite privileged in working with those that I have to ensure that no opportunities are lost in this very large world of Social Media."