"Céline Peterson is a brave and articulate champion for jazz. A valiant writer and speaker who works lovingly and tirelessly for the cause of dedicated musicians. Her brilliant mind and deep heart motivate her outspoken support for the present and future of music education. With honest humility and courage, she speaks the truth of the immeasurable importance for our evolving society to realize that jazz is a precious art form for us to invest ourselves in and to treat with care, dignity and devotion. I’m grateful for Céline’s encouragement of my efforts, because her sincerity won’t ever allow her to pretend” where the sanctity of music is concerned. Céline is the real deal and the international jazz community is blessed by her humanity, soul and voice." - Benny Green, Pianist, Composer, and Educator

At just 25 years old, Céline has created her own Social Media Management and Consulting business, given inspiring speeches all over the world (Canada, The United States, Denmark, Barbados, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and South America), and is currently penning the first instalment of her memoirs. Céline has also worked extensively with artists across the globe as she takes on behind-the-scenes responsibilities with event programming and Artist Relations.

For the last few years, she has found a home with the Coalition for Music Education in Canada, and their Youth4Music initiative as an Ambassador, and Lead on their Roving Reporters program. The work that the entire Coalition team has done was instrumental in inspiring Céline to get involved, as the importance of the progression of Music Education is something that her father, Oscar Peterson , was always a champion of. "Working with Music Makes Us, and specifically as a youth ambassador for the Youth4Music program, Céline has consistently proven to be an articulate, passionate and inspiring leader who motivates others in person and through her writing." - Holly Nimmons - Executive Director - Music Makes Us, the Coalition for Music Education

In 2016, Céline was privileged to work on the social media for the inaugural Kensington Market Jazz Festival, which was the brainchild of Molly Johnson, OC. The Festival itself (run by Molly, Ori Dagan and Geneviève Marentette) is in September, but the team behind it programs music throughout the year in Kensington Market, a part of Toronto’s Heritage District.

For the last decade, Céline has worked to build her knowledge in the industry of social media. Her efforts and success have put her at the top of the list for many artists around the world to work with. “I feel quite fortunate to be in the position where I can hand select the people with whom I choose to work. Not a day goes by that I don't take a moment and show appreciation for the path I have been able to take.” Céline does both full-time management as well as simple consultations and part-time work. She believes that format will allow her to work with more artists and be more of an advocate for the music. "Céline is an absolute delight to work with. I trust her implicitly to accurately represent me in Social Media. She has always impressed me.” - Dr. Oliver Jones   OC.CQ - Doc of Music

Canada’s #1 Jazz radio station, Jazz FM91.1 has given Céline many opportunities to publicly be an advocate for Jazz music. She has hosted multiple specials as well as been a frequent guest on air with Jaymz Bee, Heather Bambrick, Garvia Bailey, Dani Elwell, Brad Barker, and Mark Wigmore. Jazz FM has also held many events at which they have invited Céline to act as host. Aside from her public support of the station which is fully listener-supported, Celine has spent time volunteering …“I love the people that work at that station. It's part of why I enjoy spending so much time there. Everyone works so hard and their genuine passion for this music shines through with everything they're doing. I am grateful to Ross Porter, Dani, and the entire team that have been so kind to me over the years.” “Whether hosting her own radio show or speaking at events, Céline has her unique blend of poise, insight, and wicked humour that engages and entertains her audience. I'm always waiting to see what comes next as she draws us all in with infectious laughter and wit. - Ross Porter, C.M.

Being the daughter of world-renowned jazz pianist Oscar Peterson has given Céline a unique outlook on the world. She spent the first 16 years of her life traveling extensively with her father and seeing the world from a very different perspective. Through these travels, she had the opportunity to create relationships that have been some of the most important in her life. “I treasure the family that came my way through all the traveling I did when I was a child. When something significant happened for me, it was Ulf Wakenius, Niels Pedersen, Benny, Oliver, or Jeff Hamilton that I wanted to tell. Not a thing has changed. They're the people who have always looked out for me and I consider myself one of the luckiest women in the world.” While Céline devotes time towards work associated with her father’s legacy, she notes how important it is for her to maintain a balance between his career and her own projects. Céline handles Oscar Peterson's social media, was the lead on the marketing for Kelly Peterson's groundbreaking recording Oscar, With Love and plays a role with booking and managing all official OP Estate events. “It is always important for me make sure that I don't let anything I want to do come second. The best way I can honour my dad is to continue to forge my own path. He would want to see me succeed on my own name, with my own talents, and my own ventures. I take that very seriously.”

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All photography courtesy of Tracey Nolan at Tracey Nolan Studios.