Photographer:  Tracey Nolan

Photographer: Tracey Nolan

Céline Peterson is a Writer, Speaker, and Social Media Manager/Consultant. Céline has been at the forefront of the Social Media world since early 2009 and has worked with artists around the globe since she first began her time in this industry. 

Céline has a deep passion for the advancement of music in schools around the world. “Through the places I visited and the people who surrounded me, I developed a sense of how powerful music is and the importance of early exposure to a variety of music at a young age.” Along with giving a keynote speech for Copenhagen’s International Jazz Day celebrations, Céline has spoken on the importance of music education and the advancement of the arts in Toronto, Ottawa, Barbados,and New York. 

Céline is also the Lead Reporter for Music Makes Us: The Coalition for Music Education in Canada. Through Music Makes Us, Céline has participated in the annual Music Monday celebrations around Canada, as well as speaking at the first annual Youth4Music Leadership Symposium in Toronto in November, 2015.

Now currently penning the first instalment of her memoirs, Céline plans to share with the world an inside look into her unique childhood, which ultimately led her to discover the depth of the life lessons she learned while extensively traveling the world during the first 16 years of her life. “Being given the opportunity to be exposed to various cultures around the globe, opened the doors to endless creative possibilities for me.”